Wednesday 10 December 2014

If I ever have a so called "bright" idea again, please shoot me....

Back in October I bought a gorgeous Gilded Winter 12x12 paper pad from First Edition, and decided to make a few crackers using the lovely thick gold papers.

If you visit me often you'll know that I've previously made a few Christmas Crackers using my freebie cracker template.

Here's one of them, also using some gorgeous double sided wide satin ribbon.  It's gold on one side, and chocolate brown on the other. I also have it in green and red and I love it. :0)

After making about 6 crackers I was starting to wonder what I was going to do with them.

We only have a small family so I'd already overdone it for Xmas Dinner guests!

Then I had the "bright" idea of giving them to my colleagues at work.

The trouble is, I work in an open plan office with 17 people!!!

So 17 sheets of Gilded Winter later, the gift boxes were not the only thing that were crackered!

Here they all are...

Then there was the problem of what to put inside them!!!

I didn't want the usual cheap plastic moustaches or mini pack of playing cards, and decided it would be nice to put personalised items in each one.

Again my "bright" idea was misplaced because it posed two problems ...

1) thinking of different things to buy for 17 very different colleagues, and
2) needing it to be small enough to fit inside the cracker.

I was stumped after 6!

I found the girls a bit easier to buy for.  Some of the guys were really hard because I wanted the gift to be matched to the person and a few have kids so hobbies are probably a luxury!  I admit that a couple of the gifts were only 'loosely' personalised!  Eg, one guy likes going to watch the tennis at Wimbledon, so he got a tennis themed drinks coaster for his desk (it just squeezed inside the cracker if I put it in at an angle!)

Perhaps they would have preferred the plastic moustaches after all!

  • Freebie cracker template
  • First Edition Gilded Winter 12" paper pad
  • Typed Names (Font = PWJoyeuxNoel)
  • Die-namics Stitched Circle Stax
  • Fiskars Snowflake Border Punch
  • Various Ribbons
Happy crafting


Larissa said...

Wow you have been really busy! The crackers look amazing, but I understand how you feel after making 17 of them and after buying personalised gifts for everyone!.


Carol S. said...

They are absolutely gorgeous and I am sure they are going to love receiving them. I would!! Making 17 of anything is a big ask but this was just a crackers ask!!! Hugs, Carol S.xx

KT Fit Kitty said...

I think this is a wonderful idea - yes, a lot of work! But I know they will appreciate these personal gifts very much!

Carole Pollard said...

Just brilliant these are fabulous and what a gorgeous idea so thoughtful as this is a daunting task . I made a cracker similar to this last year for a male friend and out one of those small sets of screwdrivers in tis just a thought Love and hugs Carole x

Sarah said...

Bonkers....totally bonkers, but lovely with it to take such time and trouble!! They look wonderful and I'm sure your colleagues will be thrilled to bits!! xx

Christine L said...

Wowwwww you are totally CRACKERS (!) doing this lot hon..... and what lucky colleagues you have!! They'll love these gorgeous individualised gifts..... I hope you get spoiled back from them too!

Christine x
PS... Something nice arrived in the post this week from you!! Thank you - not opened yet...!

Kat W said...

I'm sure your colleagues are going to love these; they look amazing and with personalised gifts as well they are just so special.
I can't believe how many of them you did... I am going crackers (lol!) just trying to get my Christmas cards finished!

Big hugs, Kat xx

Whisper said...

Ooooo I wish I were one of your work colleagues, as I would so love to receive one of these stunners - mind you I don't think I would want to open it though, Luv Sam x

Debra K. said...

Wow what lucky work mates you have! Not surprised you're crackers after making that many and they're all gorgeous. I would've cheated and just put chocolates in them, you've been so thoughtful. I'm sure they'll be really surprised at all the work you've gone to for them. Only problem what will you do to top that next year?! Lol!! Debra x

Chrissy said...

Outstanding Annette..I love your elegant and I love the gold papers..beautiful.. and very lucky colleagues.


Squirrel x said...

It always amazes me just how much thought you put into all your crafting hunny - you may be crackers, but these are awesome, and I am in awe. Brilliant job. Hugs xx