I always appreciate the visitors who follow my ramblings and especially those who take the time to leave a comment or message for me.  I can assure you that I read every one of them and it's very much appreciated.  Please note the following policy information that I need to bring to your attention. 


All the cards displayed on my blog are created by me for inspiration only.  I would be honoured to think one of my cards has inspired you but please do not directly copy the designs for use on other Social Media, including challenge competitions, magazine entries or to sell unless you have contacted me and obtained my written permission. 

My Freebies and Tutorial pages do contain some images which you are permitted to download for your own use, but please note the conditions which are detailed on those pages and don't share the images directly with anyone else.


By being a following or leaving a comment I will assume that you have read this Data Protection and Privacy Policy and that you agreed with it.  If you do not agree with the content, please refrain from adding any personal information on my blog.  For the avoidance of doubt, becoming a follower or leaving a comment will result in a link to your own profile appearing in the followers list or the comments section.  Please read below for more details on this, and how you can remove your personal information if you wish to do so.

This Data Protection and Privacy Policy has been written by me as the sole creator and owner of this blog, and it applies to all content on this blog.  It is given in compliance with EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Everything I share on this site is part of my hobby (or occasional ramblings mostly intended to bring a smile to your day!) Although I do not make a profit from my blog, I do sometimes promote products from companies who may lend or provide free or discounted samples for me to design with. The companies I design for are noted in my sidebar (or "Previously Designed for.." page) for full transparency.  I am the owner the of this blog, and the person to contact if you have any questions.


Content on this blog is about me, my hobbies and my handmade projects. 

All content on this Blog belongs to me. No one can use, download, share, copy, or take anything from this Blog other than where specifically stated (namely my freebie images or tutorial templates - please read my conditions regarding these when you download them), neither is anyone permitted to collect any data from this Blog for any purpose. 

I share photos of my handmade creations on my other Social Media accounts as well as links to other Blog posts where I have also shared those creations. No data other than my own is shared on my Social Media accounts. Only photos of my handmade creations and links to blog posts are visible on my Social Media accounts, and content from this Blog is visible only on my Blog. Followers and readers of my Social Media accounts have to visit my Blog to view the content.

I am not responsible if minors visit my Blog.  My Blog is minor friendly, but no minor is invited to leave their data on my Blog. If I notice any such activity or a third person informs me that there is activity by a minor on my Blog all such data will be deleted immediately and permanently without any notice to the minor. 

This Data Protection and Privacy Policy applies to all content published on my Blog both before and after this policy was published.

No data on this Blog nor any content of this Blog is permitted to be shared with any third party or allowed to be downloaded, copied etc. by any person (except my freebies when following their conditions of use).

Data on this Blog is provided only by followers and visitors to this Blog.  Any personal data shared here on my blog can be deleted permanently from my Blog as stated in each section below.  Data is solely used to run this Blog and as described in each section below.


Anyone following this Blog does so in the knowledge that their photo, link to their profile and name are visible to all those who visit this Blog and in that way they have published their own personal details.

If you don't want your personal data as mentioned above to be visible to those who visit this Blog, you will have to remove yourself from the Followers list (so you will in effect be unfollowing my Blog). If any technical difficulty occurs, you should contact Blogger or Google to resolve these problems.

Following this Blog via e-mail was disabled on 21st May 2018 and all data (followers' e-mail addresses) permanently deleted from service provider Google FeedBurner.  No personal data has been kept neither has it been forwarded to any other party.  If you are still receiving automatic e-mails from my Blog, please contact me as soon as soon as possible.


Anyone leaving a comment on this Blog does so in the knowledge that their name, link to their profile or Blog, as well as the comments they leave are visible to all those who visit this Blog and they are thereby consenting to the use of their personal information for that specific purpose.

Blogger itself provides an option for all users and commentators to delete comments they leave on any Blog. This Blog is no different. If you wish to delete your published comments from my Blog, you are free to do so. If any technical difficulty occurs, you should contact Blogger or Google to resolve these problems.

Disturbing, violent and offensive comments will be deleted and commentators leaving disturbing comments on my Blog will be blocked and reported to Google. 

All followers and comment authors are covered by the Google Privacy Policy.

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