Wednesday, 6 April 2011

More Freebies? - Your Choice ...

I've just seen that I've got nearly got 200 lovely followers in the 6 months that I've been actively blogging, and to "celebrate" I'm proposing something a little different !!!

Most of you have seen that I've made lots of freebie digi sentiments over the last few months, and they appear to have been well received, judging by all your lovely comments. 

Hopefully you've seen some of the ones that I've done already:

My question for today is, what digi sentiments would you like to see next?  General Themes (eg New Home/New Job), Shapes (eg circles/tickets), Specific Words (eg Congratulations), it's really up to you !

I really don't mind any suggestions, although it's a bit early for Christmas, so I will object to Xmas requests in Springtime (just for my sanity really).  But please give me some ideas of what you think would be useful, and I'll give it my best shot.  Please just bear in mind that I'm an Accountant by day, not an Artist !!! so have a look at what I've already done to get an idea of my style (and ability), and then make your suggestions by leaving a comment on this post.

I look forward to seeing your creative suggestions.  Don't forget to become a follower so that you can come back and pick up any freebies that I post after selecting the best or most popular ones from your comments.


Cindy Groh said...

Can you make the sentiments into the shapes of Spellbinders labels any from 1-5? (those are the only ones I have but I'm sure other people have more then that.) That way we can print the sentiment out and use our nesties to cut them out. Just an idea. Thank you for the wonderful freebies that you give us. I really like them.

Joan V said...

Hello, Thinking of you, First day of school, last day of school, Vacation Time, Take a Hike, Fun Times, You're an Angel, Tea Time, Thank you, Flowers (the word), Bug me Anytime, Just a Note, Plant a Tree, Earth Day, Just Ducky.

I can think of so many sentiment circle that I need to embellish my cards. You may be sorry that you asked for ideas. LOL You can leave the center blank. Thanks for sharing.

Julie said...

I love all of Joan V's suggestions!

Lucianna Dilsaver said...

Sympathy maybe, I have a hard time finding good sympathy ones :) Love all the one's you have done!!

Julies Crafty Creations said...

I love all your circle sentiments, would appreciate Good Luck, Happy Retirement, Congratulations on your twins, Twin Boys, Twin Girls, Twins Boy & Girl
Congratulations on your triplets, Best Wishes, With lots of love, On your engagement, Congratulations on your civil ceremony, Husband & Wife, Mr & Mrs, On your marriage, would be great x

Julies Crafty Creations said...

Oh just thought of some more suggestions, Happy Fathers Day, on your 21st Birthday, on your 30th Birthday, on your 40th Birthday, ,on your 50th Birthday, on your 60th birthday, on your 70th birthday, on your 80th birthday, on your 90th birthday, Congratulations on your silver wedding anniversary, Congratulations on your ruby wedding anniversary, congratulations on your Diamond wedding anniversary, congratulations on your golden wedding anniversary, congratulations on your pearl wedding anniversary, Sorry you're leaving, Bon voyage, Any of the above would be fantastic if and when you have any spare time x

Janie Printz said...

Nettie how wonderful of you to ASK us what FREEBIES we want !!! It doesn't get any better that that ... I love anything to do with bears like "I love you Beary much", I Miss you Beary much ... "I love you to the Moon & back" has always been a favorite saying in my family.
I have a good friend that just found out she has breat cancer & I would LOVE some upbeat sentiments for that.
Hugs, Janie

Christine L said...

OOooh you're gonna be busy!! LOL! I'll just happily have whatever you create, you talented person you!!
Christine x

Christine L said...

PS Well done on your 200 followers!

Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous freebies! And congrats on almost 200 followers in 6 months. That's great!
Huggies ~

xxxtglxxx said...

These are brilliant Netty - thanks so much for these hun :)

I will definately find them useful, they are perfect!



ThePurplePlace said...

HI Netty - Thank you again for all the fabulous sentiments and for creating them all for your followers. You're doing a fabulous job and I really love them.

For some future ideas -- how about some every day type sentiments like -- Hugs, Love, Hugs and Kisses and friendship type sentiments!

:) Hugs,

Sharon said...

I've just been introduced to your site... thanks for these wonderful freebie circular sentiments. You've made me a very happy bunny. I wouldn't mine some AGE ones please. ALL the popular ages would be nice and then those special ones like 21, 30, 35, 40, 45 and so forth.... Would be great! hugs Sharon

dandy_duffer said...

I don't think anyone has suggested exam sentiments:
Good Luck in your exams
You Passed
On Your Graduation
or something similar xx

Toulouse said...

Thank you for sharing your creations. I would like to see sentiments made to fit (without re-sizing as I always get it wrong) stamping up punches, especially ovals!

Donna Brady said...

Netty, thank you so much for the freebies. I so appreciate your inspiration, your creativity and your thoughtfulness.

Ann said...

Love it thanks

happyglitzygirl said...

I just love all of your sentiments you have made so far and I use them heaps, thanks soooo much.
I would love to see most of the sentiments in ticket form as well, even though I love the round ones as they fit my punches perfectly. Ticket form is easy to cut out as well. Pick a shape that matches one of the more common punches is the only thing that comes to mind.
Whatever you do will be fine really.
Missing some more wedding and engagement, graduation, your are leaving sentiments. Hope this helps. Blessings Hilde

Anonymous said...

My friend Janie Printz told me to check out your site. I am really hooked and so happy with all the sentiments. You made my day a very happy one!

Patti Park

Lesley said...

I would love some frames to fit the Nesties labels sets, please. Just to give the label a bit more emphasis.

Thank you for all the freebies so far.

Jennie - The Crafty Wife said...

I'm very happy to thank you again for your fab freebies, I use them such a lot. Netty, please could you create a 'belated birthday wishes', circle or ticket. Every month I seem to forget someboddy's birthday and have to send a late card.

Betty said...

Thank you Netty for sharing your gorgeous sentiments they are wonderful, a friend sentiment would be nice, also husband one please.
Hugs Betty x x

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