Friday, 22 May 2020


I've got something a little different to share today because I've been playing with wool instead of paper! 

I'd like to introduce you to Gerry. As soon as I saw his pattern on Amigurumi Today I knew I wanted to try him and then I got the perfect excuse when I got a shove in the right direction from my crochet mentor Squirrel!  

I would normally use safety eyes but as Gerry is going to a newborn I had to embroider his eyes which scared the bejeezus out of me. Half way through my embroidery attempt my hubby looked over my shoulder and remarked that Gerry had devil-eyes that would give the poor kid nightmares for life, but I added some eyelashes and some white highlights and think I managed to more or less salvage him.  I admit that the safety eyes are a much easier option!

Materials used:
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Happy crafting


Elaine Stark said...

He is a beauty and his eyes are just perfect. His new owner will enjoy his company. Elaine

Sarah said...

The most appealing thing about giraffes are their eyes and you have embroidered those absolutely beautifully!! Men know nothing!! Amazing crochet Annette - I guessed this is what you had been up to when you said you hadn't been crafting or blogging!! xx

Fikreta said...

its so cute!

Deborah said...

He is gorgeous and I think you do a fab job of the eyes.

Larissa said...

Wow this is really amazing, love the purple dots.


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